Altitude Generator “Enduro” Black

High Altitude Generator ENDURO Black

Unparalleled performance with our altitude generator, boasting the market’s quietest operation and highest altitude simulation, setting a new standard for performance and comfort.

Altitude Simulation from 1000 – 7500 Meters




Suitable for:

Sleeping at altitude (in combination with a altitude tent)

Exercising at altitude (in combination with any training equipment)

Intermittent Hypoxic exposure


Improves endurance & performance in cyclists, runners, athletes or fitness enthusiasts

Enhances the lung function in asthmatic athletes

Enables acclimatisation for high altitude at sea-level (e.g. training preparation for mountaineering)

Increases walking capacity in Spinal Cord Injury Patients

Dual function: This machine can provide hyperoxic air flow delivery and hypoxic simulation at the same time.

Standard accessories included:

1× Hypoxic Generator

1× Humidifier bottle

1× First filter

1× HEPA filter

2× Nasal cannula

1× 100L Buffer Bag

1× Full face Mask

1× Bacterial filter

2× Air delivery tube (1 Meter each)

Comes with an instruction manual and training plan

Additional information

Weight28 kg
Dimensions35 × 20 × 67 cm


Max Altitude Simulation

7500 Meters

Min Altitude Simulation

1000 Meters

Hypoxic Delivery Rate

100 Liter/min

Oxygen Delivery Rate

10 Liter/min



Noise Level

≤ 48db

Power Consumption



Includes wheels for maximum portability

Low oxygen concentration:

8.20% to 18.1%

High oxygen concentration:

78% to 92%

1 review for Altitude Generator “Enduro” Black

  1. Manuel

    Ever since doing Hypoxic training I’ve increased my performance manyfolds! Denying Gravity’s Enduro is durable, high quality & easy to operate!

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Most frequent questions and answers

This type of training is commonly used by athletes to improve their endurance and performance. While altitude training is safe when conducted properly, there are some considerations to keep in mind such as gradual exposure, hydration and more. You can read more about it here.

No, altitude training is perfectly legal. There are no drugs involved, you are only decreasing your oxygen intake in order to improve your aerobic capacity and red blood cell production. 

The main benefits are: Improved aerobic performance, Aerobic and anaerobic adaptations, red blood cell production (in turn improving oxygen delivery to the muscles, and enhancements in your body’s ability to utilize oxygen effectively), Erythropoietin production & Injury rehabilitation support. Overall hypoxic training can lead to enhanced performance, improved fitness, and general well-being.

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