Altitude Head Tent Skypod

Altitude Head Tent SKYPOD

Our altitude head tent is perfect for “sleeping at altitude“. Can be used on any bed larger in width than 100cm (40 inches).

Size: 100cm x 50cm x60cm (40 x 20 x 24 inches)

To be used in combination with a altitude generator. 




Altitude Head Tent SKYPOD

Suitable for: Sleeping at altitude. 

Also known as “Live High or sleeping at altitude” this process involves sleeping in an oxygen deprived environment continuously for more than 8 hours in combination with a hypoxic generator and a tent. We found that most people purchase this combination (a head tent) or sleep in a single bed in order not to disturb their better half. For this we recommend our single bed tent here.

Simulating the effects of high-altitude training without physically being at a high elevation is made possible through sleeping in an altitude tent. This specially designed tent creates a hypoxic environment in your bedroom, allowing you to sleep and recover in a low-oxygen setting. This unique sleeping arrangement can lead to various adaptations in your sleep and breathing patterns, resulting in significant improvements in your aerobic capacity and overall athletic performance.

The simulated altitude created in the tent induces physiological changes in your body, similar to the ones experienced at high elevations. This includes an increase in red blood cell production, improved oxygen delivery to the muscles, and enhancements in your body’s ability to utilize oxygen effectively. As a result, athletes who utilize altitude tents often experience enhanced endurance, reduced fatigue, and improved athletic performance.

Furthermore, sleeping in an altitude tent can have positive effects on sleep quality and respiratory function. The low-oxygen environment stimulates your body to adapt and optimize breathing patterns, leading to improved oxygen uptake and utilization even when not training. This can result in better overall rest and recovery, contributing to enhanced athletic performance during waking hours.

Altitude tents offer athletes the convenience of experiencing the benefits of high-altitude training in the comfort of their own homes. Whether you’re an elite athlete looking to gain a competitive edge or someone wanting to improve their fitness level, sleeping in an altitude tent can provide significant performance benefits.

Comes with connectors, carry on bag and instruction manual. Must be used with an altitude generator. 

Additional information

Weight8 kg
Dimensions100 × 50 × 60 cm


Compatible Generator

Enduro (Black & White)


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Most frequent questions and answers

This type of training is commonly used by athletes to improve their endurance and performance. While altitude training is safe when conducted properly, there are some considerations to keep in mind such as gradual exposure, hydration and more. You can read more about it here.

No, altitude training is perfectly legal. There are no drugs involved, you are only decreasing your oxygen intake in order to improve your aerobic capacity and red blood cell production. 

The main benefits are: Improved aerobic performance, Aerobic and anaerobic adaptations, red blood cell production (in turn improving oxygen delivery to the muscles, and enhancements in your body’s ability to utilize oxygen effectively), Erythropoietin production & Injury rehabilitation support. Overall hypoxic training can lead to enhanced performance, improved fitness, and general well-being.

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