The man behind the Company

Johnny Ward

Co-founder & CMO

My Story

The short version about me: I left Ireland in 2006 broke, taught English in Thailand and Korea, traveled A LOT, worked in Australia, started my blog, monetised it, started more blogs, made $3m+ from my laptop, visited every country in the world, ran the North Pole marathon, did the Marathon Des Sables, rowed the Atlantic, cycled from Malaysia to Myanmar, ran 1 200km Ultra marathon, finished 7 of the 7 Summits  and completing the Explorers Grand Slam with the South Pole in Jan 2024. I’ve done most of my physical achievements because of hypoxic training. 

North Pole Marathon

My Mission

I am on a mission to be the best version of myself, not wasting any time in life and I want you to become the best version of yourself! Follow me on Social Media and see what I am up to:  

The other man behind the Company

Manuel Becvar

Co-founder & COO

My Story

I grew up in Austria but soon realised I wanted to see more  of the world. I took a job in Hong Kong in 2005 which had me travel to China on a weekly basis to visit factories, develop products and learn the ropes of doing business in China. In 2014 I started my own company, sold all kinds of products on Amazon and my own eCommerce store eventually running a 6 figure business. Besides that I co-founded a sourcing agency helping sellers import products from China. I also founded which eventually grew into one of the largest eCommerce blogs. I also gave expert talks and presentations around the world, focusing on eCommerce, manufacturing and entrepreneurship.  

My Mission

Johnny & I have cycled together, ran half marathons and run trails in the north of Thailand. Unlike Johnny I am not an athlete but I enjoy the process of staying fit. My passion is eCommerce and building online businesses. Follow me below: 

Our Goal

Our goal is to bring hypoxic training to the masses. Not only has hypoxic training many health benefits, but also opens up revenue streams for companies. Whether you are a private individual or a fitness centre owner, hypoxic training can be for everyone. We strive to deliver our products under the highest quality standard, do extensive testing and produce a superior product. 

Johnny on finishing Everest

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