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Altitude Tents

Our altitude tents are used in combination with a high altitude generator. From head tents to big bed tents we have you covered. Whether you want to exercise at altitude (Train High) or sleep at altitude (Live High) these tents are perfect. 


Bed Tent

Our bed tent can be used as a hypoxic chamber / hypoxic tent. With its size you can use it to add a smaller fitness machine like a indoor cycling bike, a stepper, or smaller equipment up to 150cm in width in it ,without using a mask. Or you can place a smaller size bed (up to 140cm in frame size) in it. Needs to be used in combination with a hypoxic generator. 


Head Tent

Is your partner not in on the idea sleeping in a tent for a prolonged while? We get this all the time. This portable head bivy (tent) is extremely lightweight, fits on all sizes of beds and can be used in combination with our hypoxic generator. 


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Choose which tent you want to use for exercising. Please note you will need a hypoxic generator for the tents to work.


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